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Prambanan temple

Prambanan Temples - Now I choose a discussion about Prambanan temples. This temple is a Hindu temple. Very beautiful temple, tourist attractions that must be visited by Traveler. Prambanan Temple was founded in the 9th century. Towering as high as 47 m with extraordinary ornamentation, the beauty and beauty of this Hindu temple is unmatched. Prambanan Temple is located 17 kilometers to the east of the center of Jogja City and is easily reached by riding a private vehicle or Trans city bus that goes to Klaten.


Prambanan Temple is the most Hindu temple in Indonesia and one of the most beautiful temples in Southeast Asia. For the Siwagrha inscription, this temple began to be formed during the reign of Rakai Pikatan (mid-9th century) of the Ancient Mataram Kingdom. However, because of its mysterious nature, the center of the kingdom moved to East Java in the late 10th century. This magnificent temple was also abandoned and partially buried by the eruption of Mount Merapi. Gradu…

Breksi Cliffs

Breksi Cliff - In addition to Parangtritis Jogja Beach, there is one destination that is often being talked about among travelers, a very challenging and viral tourist destination. Is Breksi Cliff, a relatively new tourist attraction, opened in May 2015, located in Sambirejo Village, Prambanan, Sleman Yogyakarta. Breksi cliff is a cliff made of limestone which has a height of 30 meters. Some researchers say, this limestone formed from the eruption or eruption of Ngalanggaran volcano and Gunung Kidul. This natural event also makes the rocks that form a very steep cliff as can be seen until now.

However, there are also interesting facts that you know about this place. Previously, this cliff was once the location of a mining location which was finally abandoned by its managers. The local people are very smart and creative in turning this former mining area into one of the most interesting and challenging adventure spots for tourists from various regions. When you look at the Breksi Wall, it is very similar to famous castles abroad with hundreds of steps surrounding it. Here too there is a tall tower and is no less majestic with Dracula's castle in Romania and Transylvania.

Interestingly, attractions that have this challenge are free of charge. You only pay for parking. Breksi cliff has no lid, aka 24 hours full nonstop. Wow, it sure is exciting to come at any time to enjoy the beauty of nature in this place. Many visitors ask,

How to get to the top of Breksi Cliff? You do n
ot have to climb the cliff first to get to the top of this cliff, the manager has provided hundreds of steps of limestone that can help you to get to the top. Do you know? Many tourists who deliberately come early in the morning to this location just to witness the moment of extraordinary beauty of the sunrise. Not only at sunrise, when the weather is sunny you can witness the beauty of nature with a very extraordinary stretch of scenery, especially during the morning and evening before evening.

Giant Size Limestone Although 
it was viral because the Breksi cliff was once a mining site, this did not dampen the enthusiasm of local residents. Residents around actually think creatively and innovatively to turn this cliff face into a unique one. Some parts such as cliff cliffs for example, there are carvings in some parts of the cliff to become a special attraction. The most viral spot that is usually used is some photo purposes such as pre wedding in a dragon-shaped engraving, which makes this spot a favorite spot.

Altar, Tlatar feels like in Rome Not far from the Breksi Cliff, there is an altar or a flat building similar to the Colosseum in Rome, Italy. A circular stage with a diameter of 15 meters is equipped with chairs as well. This place is used to show some live music performances. This altar spot has also become one of the favorite tourist spots for self-photos because of its similarity to the Gladiator arena in Rome. That's a review of some very interesting tourist destinations, Tebing Breksi one of the natural tourist spots that you can visit with your family, relatives, colleagues. Whenever you can come to this place without time constraints. Capture your moment with a few Instagramable photos so that more tourists visit this place. Thank you :)


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