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Prambanan temple

Prambanan Temples - Now I choose a discussion about Prambanan temples. This temple is a Hindu temple. Very beautiful temple, tourist attractions that must be visited by Traveler. Prambanan Temple was founded in the 9th century. Towering as high as 47 m with extraordinary ornamentation, the beauty and beauty of this Hindu temple is unmatched. Prambanan Temple is located 17 kilometers to the east of the center of Jogja City and is easily reached by riding a private vehicle or Trans city bus that goes to Klaten. THE HISTORY Prambanan Temple is the most Hindu temple in Indonesia and one of the most beautiful temples in Southeast Asia. For the Siwagrha inscription, this temple began to be formed during the reign of Rakai Pikatan (mid-9th century) of the Ancient Mataram Kingdom. However, because of its mysterious nature, the center of the kingdom moved to East Java in the late 10th century. This magnificent temple was also abandoned and partially buried by the eruption of

The Drini Beach

The Drini Beach - For those of you true tourists who are familiar with one of the beaches located in the District of Tanjungsari Gunungkidul, Yogyakarta. This beach is still in a row with Krakal Beach, Sundak Beach and Kukup Beach. A beach tourist attraction in the southern part of Yogyakarta that is characterized by wonders under the sea. This beach has amazing underwater views, for those of you who like snorkeling you must visit this one tour. The travel route to the beach is quite accessible by using a private car or tourism bus. If you are from downtown Yogyakarta you can take the Piyungan - Patuk - Sambipitu - TNI Gading Airstrip - Siyono - BPD Tugu Bundaran - Wonosari - Baron Street - Tanjungsari and from here you just follow the directions to Drini beach. Until Drini Beach you will be amazed by the charm of this beautiful beach, the entry fee to this beach is only a few thousand, not including the contribution of the vehicle thought. This tour has no lid alias 24 hours a full, so you and your family can visit according to the hours you want, both morning, afternoon, evening and even night. Then what are the best spots on this beach? Here are some Drini Beach spots that you should not miss.

Soft White Sand 
The beautiful charm of the beach plus the soft white sand grains, is a comfort for tourists to be able to walk on the beach even without bare feet even along this soft white sand. The manager also provides a place to take pictures with heart-shaped frames and there are also landmarks with the words Drini Beach. Spot photos that most must be tried when you are around this beach. Sloping and spacious beach area. This beach has a very wide area so that tourists can freely enjoy nature, relax, sit around the beach, play sand, swim, sunbathe, and other activities. Drini beach area is quite gentle so it is very safe for children to play but still you have to watch your baby because the beach conditions are unpredictable.

Clear Sea Water
Drini Beach also has clear sea water, not infrequently tourists take advantage of this moment to snorkel to see the beautiful underwater scenery complete with many biota and beautiful coral reefs maintained. For those of you who can't snorkel, you can also go to a game, riding a canoe can fit 2 people and feel the sensation of cool air with your loved ones. A very romantic and pleasant moment.

Koskora Peak 

Your adventurous soul is calling to go over the cliff, why not? You can see the other charm of Drini Beach from a height of about 50 meters above sea level. A very fitting spot to see various angles of beauty from Drini Beach is also a view of Mount Kidul and its surroundings. Koskora Peak, this peak has a very steep incline to squeeze the strength and sweat of the visitors. However, this is commensurate with the stunning natural beauty of the beach. Drini Beach, some tourists say that this beach is part of the paradise of the world. beach with soft white sand, clear water, sera natural beauty is always mesmerizing tourists to always visit. Even tourists are willing to camp just to get or watch the sunrise from the top of the cliff. Come on, invite friends, loved ones, your family to travel on this beach. Very exotic and environmentally friendly.


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