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Prambanan temple

Prambanan Temples - Now I choose a discussion about Prambanan temples. This temple is a Hindu temple. Very beautiful temple, tourist attractions that must be visited by Traveler. Prambanan Temple was founded in the 9th century. Towering as high as 47 m with extraordinary ornamentation, the beauty and beauty of this Hindu temple is unmatched. Prambanan Temple is located 17 kilometers to the east of the center of Jogja City and is easily reached by riding a private vehicle or Trans city bus that goes to Klaten.


Prambanan Temple is the most Hindu temple in Indonesia and one of the most beautiful temples in Southeast Asia. For the Siwagrha inscription, this temple began to be formed during the reign of Rakai Pikatan (mid-9th century) of the Ancient Mataram Kingdom. However, because of its mysterious nature, the center of the kingdom moved to East Java in the late 10th century. This magnificent temple was also abandoned and partially buried by the eruption of Mount Merapi. Gradu…

Fort Vredeburg Museum

Fort Vredeburg Museum - Namely one of the most famous Dutch heritage museums in Yogyakarta that has quite a long historical value, valuable and still survives. The Vredeburg Museum was historically founded in 1790 by Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono I at the request of the Governor of the North Java Coastal Directorate named Nicolas Harting. This place is located in the center of Yogyakarta. This museum was built with the aim of facilitating and controlling developments in the Palace. In the beginning, the fort was built very simply only in the form of a square with walls made of earth and reinforced with supporting poles made of coconut and palm trees. In the next period, the Dutch Governor named W.H Van Osenberg proposed that the fortress be built more permanently so that security was more secure.

From 1788-1816 the fortification and use of the fort were used perfectly by the VOC until it was finally de facto surrendered to Japan from 1816-1945 as the headquarters of the army, the company, the gunpowder depot and the Dutch and Indo-Dutch detention centers. Sampa in 1977-1992 in this period the status of the management fort was handed over to the Yogyakarta Regional Government to function as a tourist museum to date. In this museum has historical collections, among others as follows:

- Building Collection 

In this museum there are ditches or ditches made around the fort with the aim of defense against enemy attacks. However, because now the military system has progressed very rapidly, then this gutter is used as a disposal system only.

In addition, there is also a bridge that was once hanging is now replaced by a permanent bridge. For the walls of the fort that surrounds the complex is built with the main function as a defense, reconnaissance, storage of small cannon weapons up to hand weapons. There are three parts of the gate owned by the fort in the west, east and south. These three gates are made for facilities in and out of the Vredeburg fort complex. Then, in the middle of the castle there are also buildings that used to function as barracks for soldiers and officers. Which has now changed as military control. Finally, there is a monument to the March 1, 1949 General Offensive which is an expression of the anxiety of the Indonesian people and the military over what the Dutch and their allies did.

Diorama Collection 

The Diorama room that is inside this museum is divided into three parts, the Diorama I Room has 11 Dioramas, describing history from the Diponegoro War period until the Japanese subjugation in Jogja in 1825-1942. Room Diorama II there are 19 dioramas with historical events from the Proclamation to the Dutch Military Aggression I (1945-1947). Room Diorama III there are 18 dioramas with the events of the Penville Agreement to the recognition of the RIS sovereignty in 1948-1949. Finally, there are 7 diorama rooms with the history of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia until the New Order (1950-1974).

For tourists who like history, this place presents historical education. So this place is very well targeted to gain deeper knowledge of history. As for here we will provide operational schedule information and ticket info.

Operational schedule 
Monday - Sunday at 07.30-16.00

Entrance ticket 
Children Rp. 2,000 
Adult Rp. 3,000 
Foreign tourism Rp. 10,000 Groups of more than 20 people (50% discount)


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