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Prambanan temple

Prambanan Temples - Now I choose a discussion about Prambanan temples. This temple is a Hindu temple. Very beautiful temple, tourist attractions that must be visited by Traveler. Prambanan Temple was founded in the 9th century. Towering as high as 47 m with extraordinary ornamentation, the beauty and beauty of this Hindu temple is unmatched. Prambanan Temple is located 17 kilometers to the east of the center of Jogja City and is easily reached by riding a private vehicle or Trans city bus that goes to Klaten. THE HISTORY Prambanan Temple is the most Hindu temple in Indonesia and one of the most beautiful temples in Southeast Asia. For the Siwagrha inscription, this temple began to be formed during the reign of Rakai Pikatan (mid-9th century) of the Ancient Mataram Kingdom. However, because of its mysterious nature, the center of the kingdom moved to East Java in the late 10th century. This magnificent temple was also abandoned and partially buried by the eruption of

Gembira Loka Zoo

Your vacation in Jogja is not complete before trying various rides at Gembira Loka Zoo. Seriously? Yep, Yogyakarta is well known as a favorite tourist destination to spend the holidays. Besides neat, clean city planning, of course, the natural beauty and the friendly culture and culture of Jogja are the main attraction for tourists. But it is not complete your vacation in this city if you haven't visited the Happy Loka Zoo. Especially if you are on vacation with your family, a variety of rides and animal collections are ready to unwind and of course will spoil your holiday in the city of Yogyakarta. Located not far from the center of Jogja, you can reach this tourist spot by private vehicle or by public transportation, located at Jalan Kebun Raya no 2 Rejowinangun, Gedhe City, Yogyakarta. Before going far to tell what rides are available at Gembira Loka Zoo, I should start from its history

Known as the first and oldest zoo in the city of Jogja, built during the time of Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono VIII in 1933, Sri Sultan, who loved his people very much, wanted to provide an amusement park to the people or commonly called the botanical garden. Well, the construction period was given to the Austrian architect of trust, Kohier. The length of the process of development and development of community gardens at that time until the reign of Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono IX, precisely on November 10, 1963. After officially opened by Sri Sultan, the management of community gardens was given to Sri Paduka Pakualam VIII and the Gembira Loka foundation. Over time, the managers who keep on changing keep trying to develop and provide the latest innovations for the development of Happy Loka Zoo.

So you should not be surprised if the number of visitors in this star garden is quite large and even practically crowded by visitors, especially if you are on school holidays and major holidays. Enough of the historical story, you definitely want to know more about what rides are presented at this Gembira Loka zoo. And you must be curious as to why this place has become the preferred tourist destination in this student city. Right? Let's get started.

There are many types of endangered species that you can find in this place. Because, in addition to being a zoo, Happy Loka is a breeding place and conservation of endangered animals. Among the animals that you can find and see directly are crocodiles, but not "land crocodiles" huh 😉

Besides crocodiles, there are also tigers, penguins, camels, elephants and orangutans. These animals are in large cages so they will not disturb you and your beloved family. Not only animals, in this tourist spot you will also get other experiences while in the Botanical Gardens area. As a visitor you will be given various information and insights about biotechnology and general knowledge about the world of flora or what we often refer to as plants. Interesting right? Apart from being a vacation destination in the Happy Loka Zoo you can see animals and get new insights.

There are many types of game rides and attractions that you can try and see in this Happy Loka Zoo. With a fairly wide green area of ​​around 20 hectares, it is not surprising that when you are at the main entrance of the zoo you will be given a number of manuals by the officer on duty, the aim is none other than not so that you are not tricked while on vacation in this place. So what are the rides in this zoo?

1. Camel Riding

By carrying out the Middle Eastern-style theme, you can see and ride this desert animal. You will be carried away in the atmosphere of the Middle East which is very thick, when trying to pull or drive a camel in the desert complete with a replica of the Pyramid.

2. Petting Zoo

This vehicle is perfect for those of you who have a cute and gentle personality. Because, in this one vehicle you will find a variety of domestic and international tame animals, including Javanese rabbits, German rabbits, Marmots, Brahmins from India, Batur sheep and sulcata tortoises. Animals that are in this vehicle include pets and you are not afraid because the animals are cared for and sterilized so that they are maintained and hygienic.

3. Elephant Riding

Not only camels, even elephants you can ride on this Happy Loka Zoo. As with Camels, you will feel the sensation of riding the largest animal on the surface of the earth.

4. Water rides and boats
Like getting wet? water toys? Happy Loka Zoo will provide the best experience for you. There are fishing ponds and fish therapy. Hmmmm interesting right? Not only that, there are other water rides that you can try such as wooden boats and water scooters, the price for renting these two rides is quite cheap, around 15-20 thousand rupiah.
5. Ninebot
This vehicle is suitable for those of you who like the challenge of balance. As a visitor, you will be given a balancing scooter and then you will go along a special track. Relax, this electric scooter is safe and you can freely adjust this tool with only leg movements.
6. Touch pool
As endless excitement offered by Gembira Loka Zoo, in this one vehicle you feel the excitement in touching and looking for fish. And interestingly, this vehicle can be played by you adults and your children. The good news for you, you can feel the excitement of this vehicle for free, aka free of charge.

The manager of this zoo has worked hard for your convenience as a visitor, and certainly the facilities available are very adequate and satisfying. Starting from the availability of the Musholla and a very large parking area, a licensed handler is given by the manager for your convenience, do not forget the Guide who is proficient in foreign languages ​​is also available in this Gembira Loka tourist spot. You lost? or one of your colleagues, separated? with this vast area, of course it is difficult to find your separated relatives in the Happy Loka area. However, no need to worry there is a Central Service that is ready to help you find back relatives who were separated. Don't worry too, when the quality of your smartphone network is poor around the zoo, you can access the Wi-Fi provided by the manager so that you can re-access photos or videos that can be uploaded on your social media.
The ticket is quite affordable with adequate facilities at this tourist spot, enough with Rp. 30,000 for weekdays, and Rp. 35,000 for Weekend. As for the operational hours of this tourist attraction is 07.30 - 17.30 WIB.

That's the little info I can give about Gembira Loka zoo tours. Hopefully it can be one of the recommended places when you are on vacation in the city of Yogyakarta. Thank you :)


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